ALOGIC USB 3.0 Universal Portable Dock


Perfect travel companion that can replace as many as three adapters/dongles.


The VU3UDP USB 3.0 Universal Portable Docking Station – HDMI or VGA/Gigabit Ethernet/USB 3.0 is a compact all in one solution for connecting your computer/laptop to an external display, gigabit ethernet and USB peripherals all at the same time. It’s a perfect travel companion, it can replace as many as three adapters/dongles to save you space on your desk and in your bag.

Expand your computer’s capabilities:

Expand your monitor setup through VGA and HDMI ports. Supports Gigabit Ethernet.
Connect to a variety of USB devices, such as your keyboard and mice, and add versatility to your working environment.

Perfectly portable for easy transport:

Portable design allows for easy transport. Perfect for moving your laptop between different working setups.
Integrated USB Type A Cable eliminates the hassle of carrying a separate USB Cable.


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